Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Gratuitous Exotic Fruit Photo

Shoutout to Alannah for being such a supporter of my various WWW-ly endeavors.

Today's random fruit is the Jackfruit, a large prickly fruit that grows on trees. Basically, the jackfruit is a poser of durian, the infamous odorific king of fruits. The best way to eat jackfruit is frozen, cut into little pieces. Because I've never had jackfruit at the same time as durian, I don't know which one stinks the worst. BK's (man in photo) mom gave me some frozen jackfruit and it was palatable while frozen. I can't imagine how one could put that offensive yet tasty piece of yellow flesh into one's mouth without wanting to run into a wall to end one's misery.

Jackfruit grows in abundance on the side of the roads in any rural part of Taiwan. There's no way you could starve in Taiwan because all seasons, there are fruit growing on the side of the road. The only problem is that sometimes, the most abundant fruit is jackfruit, whose odor in turn makes you want to kill yourself.

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