Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fruit on the side of the road

In Taitung, all sorts of fruit trees grow on the side of the road. Nearer the town, you can also get fruit that has been picked, at fruitstands on the side of the road.Bundles of lychee
Asian pears, so juicy and sweet.
Dragon fruit. I've never seen this before, but it is red on the outside, and white with black seeds on the inside.
Wild mango. The normal mangos that we all have in our memories are yellow or orange with a bit of red at one end. Wild mangos are ones that just grow by themselves without people coming by to check if their coloring is right. When people crave these green mangos, they sort of feel the firmness to see if it is ripe enough. Compared to the red/yellow mangos, these are much sweeter and much softer in texture. The reason they are so is because they truly ripen on the branch, not by manually pumping ethylene over picked, unripe green mangos.

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