Sunday, July 16, 2006


The bed and breakfast where we stayed is run by one small woman. She is the one who makes the traditional Chinese breakfast you see here. Traditional Chinese breakfasts make rice porridge their main course, with smaller plates of salty foods to go with it. Typically, there is an egg dish, some sort of pickles, shredded meat, and anything else from stewed peanuts to yesterday's leftovers.
Clockwise from the left: yo tiao (oil sticks, basically fried strips of dough); spicy dry tofu with bits of meat; ro song (shredded meat); scrambled eggs with green onions (not my favorite). The rice porridge is in the bottom right.
Our first attempt to eat the wild mangos. They are quite small and soft; very difficult to cut the standard mango-eating way.
It wasn't good enough so I peeled one and ate it straight up with no cutting.
As promised, what the inside of a dragon fruit looks like. The two red fruits in previous post yield white and black pieces of fruit. It is barely sweet, even lightly salty. The texture is like kiwi, and the black seeds are crispy like kiwi seeds.

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THOSE fruits look so exotic and so delicious, now i HAVE to go to asia