Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gangsters Interrupted my dinner

We went out to a family style restaurant in Taitung for dinner. By family style restaurant, I mean owned by a family, opened for families. All of the servers were probably the sons and daughters, or at least cousins of the owner. The tables were big and round with a lazy susan on top to facilitate the sharing of large plates of food. In the middle of dinner, this big fat (literally) gangster dude comes in weilding a large metal stick, followed by two smaller gangster kids (probably in their early teens) with various sizes of baseball bats. They make a subtle entrance across the main dining floor of the restaurant until they reach the door that separates the kitchen from the dining room. The large bespeckled gangster smacks the side of the wall with his metal stick, not doing too much damage but making a VERY loud PING, and all three disappear into the back. From what we could make out, a deal gone sour was proceding upstairs, where another wife-beater-clad gangster was having dinner. The three that came in later were reinforcements.

While they were upstairs, one of the waitresses calls the cops, but the cop who arrived shortly after was basically useless. The two smaller gangsters hide their baseball bats in a corner and sneak out, leaving the restaurant owner frantically pointing in their direction to the cop, who just stood there looking stupid. The large gangster happened to come down behind the 2 small ones, and saw the owner pointing them out.

This resulted in the wife-beater-clad gangster putting his arms around the owner's shoulders and conveying what I imagined to be some saccrin friendly threats. He then proceded to sit down at the table across from ours, where the town vet was having dinner with his family. We quickly paid and left before any serious stuff happened.Bamboo shoot soup with what looks like mushrooms.
Battered and fried anchovies, eaten by first dipping in white pepper powder to the right.
Bamboo shoots were in season. One of many bamboo dishes this summer in Taiwan.
Heavily garlicked fish.
Not entirely sure what this vegetable dish was.
VERY interesting vegetable. It is a little bitter and looks like a prickly mini avacado. The textrue is sort of like steamed cabbage stalk.

These covert photos taken from behind the head of the lady sitting next to me. Horrible things probably would have happened had they caught me taking pictures of them. The red jacket and blue shirt by the door are the two smaller gangsters trying to escape.
The big red shirt is the large gangster who hit the wall with the metal stick. The person far away with the hat is the policeman. If he looks like he's running away, he is. The red jacket in the foreground is one of the smaller gangsters.

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