Monday, June 05, 2006

Traveling = Eating

The 3 biggest points I hit up when I travel are:
2)high places
3)old buildings

Sometimes, when high places coincide with old buildings, I add another one on there:
4)music/indie rock scene

Really, it's a very useful system to go about comparing and understanding the world around us. You need to try the food to see how different peoples stay skinny no matter how fattening their cuisine is. You need to go to high places to see how they laid out the plans (or lack there of) of their civilization. You need to see old buildings because they make good objects in front of which to place yourself to prove to other people that you've been there.

The music/indie rock scene is optional, and just my way of going the extra continent. You can indulge in anything from shopping to hiking, but those are not really my cups of tea.

That being said, and EATING being the number one thing on my mind, I hereby dedicate this blog to pictures of food that my parents probably would give half a child to taste.

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angel said...

dude, this is the best blog EVER!!!!! it makes my mouth water just looking at all your pictures ...