Thursday, June 08, 2006

My last documented meal in Tokyo

Darling Albert is in Tokyo, working at the US embassy. I had the good fortune of meeting up with him in Roppongi and then going to Shibuya for dinner. We saw some pretty crazy things in Shibuya, among them a concert event at the Shibuya Apple store, a full on amp-and-all street band that was shut down by the authorities, and a very drunk Japanese businessman trying to strangle the metal statue of the faithful dog outside of the Shibuya metro station. Above all, we had a lovely chat on the second floor of what appeared to be an all male bar-cum-eatery. Despite Albert's Japanese-speaking fortitude, we could not figure out what "chicken rice" was. I got it just so I could know what "chicken rice" would refer to. It's like fried rice without the vegetables, add chicken and ketchup. All in all, it wasn't bad, but it certainly was not one of the better meals I've had in Tokyo.
Anybody up for "chicken rice"?
Traditional Japanese rice balls, with salmon hidden on the inside. Very tasty.

Thus ends my massive post. I've been doing this since 10am in the morning and it is now 2pm. Pictures of Taiwanese food soon, when I will have reliable internet with a power source again. Many thanks to VVG, my temporary employers and excellent catering/restaurant/interior designing group, for the massive internet bandwith usage today.

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