Thursday, June 08, 2006

Master Eater no more

I usually consider myself a master eater, equipped with the know-how to face any food that comes my way. However, this meal really had me stumped. Mortar, pestle, sesame seeds and bamboo boat? What? Later, after the fact, we discover this is what you're supposed to do: beat the sesame seeds to a pulp with the mortar and pestle, mix the sesame with two sauces and the mustard that is on the table already, dip your fried pork in the resulting sauce, and eat that all with rice. No word on what to do with the snot looking tofu (that was actually very tasty).
One of the sweeter sauces was for pouring on your cabbage, like a salad dressing.
How to eat this sashimi: take some shredded daikon, couple it with the purple looking seaweed, and then put all that on top of one slice of meat and eat.
This bean and various vegetable salad was sort of gritty. Not that tasty at all.

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