Friday, June 16, 2006

Hao Yang = V V G

This is the patio part of VVG Table, one of the restaurants under the V V G umbrella of a company where I work sometimes. They are pretty expensive but very gourmet.
A change from the normal sitting-around-and-drinking-exotic-hot-teas, I had a frozen lemonade. Final word: tart and sweet at the same time, full of lemony flavor. Tastes as good as it looks.
The green version of the frozen lemonade. This has more mint and cinnamin in it, so it's sweeter but not as lemony.
I didn't actually escape from not having to drink hot tea. At least it was in funky porcelain cups that look like dented mini-beer cups.
They had leftover desserts from brunch from the other VVG restaurant (the one where you can usually find me making hors d'oeuvres), so we got to have them with our afternoon tea. The crunchy stuff up top is caramelized sugar and almond paste..or some other type of nut. The white stuff is mascarapone, a commonly used cheese in desserts, and there were sliced bananas buried in the mascarapone. In short, it was like a modified banana pudding without the vanilla pudding. I think there were some peanuts involved too. It was not mindblowing, but a tasty histamine-triggering bomb for people with food allergies (dairy, peanuts, bananas)

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