Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blueberry English Muffin

Brunch is my favorite! I started being a regular at Mary's of Course during the spring semester of my junior year in college. I spent every Sunday after church engaging in intellectually stimulating conversation, admiring the cheek beards of Cheekbeards (Brian Doub, bassist of The Finks), and sampling the down-home yet inventive brunch selections that Mary had to offer. Most of Marys' waitstaff are local musicians or artists, and the dining room is at the same time an art gallery and a display case for all of Mary's kitsch collectibles: Hello Kitty beef jerky, Dolly Parton dolls, and Tammy Faye vinyl records being the highlights.

Last summer I really craved blueberries, and returned to Mary's to see if luck was with me. In fact, they did have a blueberry breakfast item that morning - pancakes or waffles or something of the like. Unfortunately for me, by the time we got there they were down to a tiny ramekin of blueberry sauce left. Cheekbeards, being the adorable man that he is, brought me the last bit of it, with some special cream, and as a compromise I spread it on my english muffin, instead of getting the pancakes.
It was horrendously messy to eat, staining my fingers with blueberry juice with each bite I took.

I can't wait until summer and blueberry season!

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