Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spaghetti Night

It was Sean's birthday last Thursday, and as a birthday present to him, I promised that I would proclaim the tastiness of his spaghetti on the fblog. Since August 2006, I have spent almost every Thursday night eating Sean's excellent spaghetti. Spag night has become somewhat of a ritual, or a family-dinner-type gathering for our group of young professionals/college students. While our families might drive us crazy at family gatherings, Spaghetti Nights are ALWAYS excellent.
I don't really know all the top secret ingredients that he puts in the sauce, but I can tell you that he makes everything from scratch. From the looks of it, chicken could be an ingredient.
The magic sauce also has mushrooms, though not magic ones.
Give it all a stir...(haha so far from all the hard work that is actually done to make the sauce)
...add some more magic ingredients... voila! Spaghetti night.
The bread is from La Farm Bakery in Cary, NC. (we slather it with garlicky herby butter)
...And in honor of Sean's birthday, a Guglhupf from the bakery of the same name located in Durham, NC.
Guglhupfs are essentially German versions of brioche. Shaped sort of like the top of a fire hydrant, they are dusted with a serious layer of powdered sugar as a finishing touch. This particular round had raisins in it, but the Czech wikipedia page shows that it is possible to make one with cocoa in the middle.

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