Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making Sticky Rice (Yo Fan) (油飯)

Feeding myself presents its problems, as making large batches of food is much easier than single portions. I have a few go-to meals that I can stand eating for lunch every day; one of them is sticky rice. Sticky rice, (or 油飯, literally oily rice, yo fan) is a Taiwanese specialty mostly associated with Tainan (台南). The ingredients are simple:

Sticky rice (糯米)
mini shrimp (蝦米)
mushrooms (香姑)
soy sauce (醬油)
sesame oil (麻油)
meat, any type, cut into little pieces
peanuts, soaked in water first
The two secret ingredients that are a must-have are fried onion and white pepper, pictured here.
The process is very similar to making a risotto. Once you cook the meat and add in all the ingredients that had been soaking (shrimp, mushrooms, peanuts), add soy sauce to taste and cook on low heat for a long time.
Here's what mine looked like. I was running low on mini shrimp, so it's not very colorful. The consistency should be sticky but not soggy like glue. It should have a bit of Q to it (chewiness).

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